Pleated Blind SL20-22W

Control type: Motorised Battery-Operated (‘W’ System)
Function: Raising
Application: Residential/Commercial

Pleated Binds SL20-22W


ScreenLine® SL20-22W is a battery-operated motorised system with raising function for pleated blinds incorporated within 20-mm or 22-mm double glazing units and featuring Verosol® fabrics, which are coated with an aluminium layer on one side.

The blind is raised or lowered via a push-button control device that is magnetically attached to the window or by remote control (option).

The battery can be recharged in two alternative ways: by means of a high-tech battery charger or through an external solar panel, thus automatically and continuatively.

The system can be fitted quickly and easily and is applicable to all types of window frames, even existing ones; no wires or electrical contacts are required and internal glass thickness is irrelevant.
ScreenLine® SL20-22W is halfway between a manual system and a traditional motorised system.

It is suited for every environment: homes, offices, public buildings, etc., as it needs no maintenance. It ensures with time the insulating properties of the insulating glass unit, notably protection from dirt or weather conditions. Furthermore, when supplied with a solar panel, it is also beneficial in terms of energy saving.
The system is supplied with warm edge spacer bars as standard.

Color Palette

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