Modern blinds

Inovation built-in

Blinds integrated in the glass panel

One system, multiple benefits

Solar Reflection

Our integral blinds are designed to effectively reflect UV rays, prolonging lifespan and preventing any fading or discolouring over the years.

Light Reflection

To ensure your room always feels bright and spacious, without an overpowering glare, our integral blinds are able to reflect light to the optimum degree.

Professionally Installed

Our installation teams are well versed when it comes to the installation of our integral blinds, so you can rest assured that you’re bringing the best to your home.

Colour Options

Bring a personal touch to your home with a choice of beautiful and eye-catching colours, allowing you to accommodate your tastes and property style.

Design Range

We offer a selection of blind styles, which enable you to bring the perfect fit to your room. With us, you’ll be able to enjoy the best in function and form.

Low Maintenance

Reducing hassle while maximising performance, our integral blinds are inherently low maintenance. This means that they will remain looking at their best.

Modern blinds by TGP and ScreenLine Romania

Blind between glasses

High performance solution

Integrated blind between 2 panels of glass.

Sealed System

In a ScreenLine® system, the blind (venetian, pleated or roller) is encapsulated within two or three glass panes and does not compromise the insulating properties of the insulating glazing unit.


Total Protection

The exclusive ScreenLine® characteristics ensure total protection against dirt, dust or weather conditions, and therefore blinds do not require any maintenance.


Indefinite Life Cycle

The magnetic components have an almost indefinite life cycle having a loss of magnetic attraction of around 2% per 100 years.

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