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TGP and ScreenLine

The Modern blinds made by TGP utilise ScreenLine integrated systems for safe and smooth operation within the insulated glass unit.

The blinds integrated between the glass panels of the glazing unit are an effective solution to light and heat regulation in a home or office and does not compromise the sealed unit and have an accurate blind control which can be operated at low speeds, if required.

All the products are made with high quality materials, coupled with the purity of aesthetic appearance and technical excellence, being suited even for prestigious projects.

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Residential blinds which have been specifically designed for domestic use are available with 12.5mm Venetian Slats or 14mm Pleats and are for standard 20-22mm cavity double glazing units only.


Commercial blinds which are built to withstand the stresses and strains of a commercial environment are available with either 12.5mm or 16mm Venetian Slats, or 14mm or 20mm Pleats. These blinds are made to measure and can be supplied for 20mm, 22mm, 27mm, 29mm and 32mm cavities. Roller blinds are only available for 27mm cavity units.